Powerful DMG, CDR and ISO creator


  • Packed with image file options
  • Clear interface
  • Lots of customization possible


  • Only accepts folders not individual files
  • Bit complex for beginners to imaging


Creating disk images is essential in backing up discs and data and DMGConverter is a Disk Image creation and conversion tool which is simple and easy to use.

DMGConverter is a particularly useful for the processing of more than one file and handles dragging and dropping of files and folders. It works via a small interface which allows a high degree of control over how you handle image files. For example, you can convert, segment, resize and compact images by clicking on the various tabs. To load a folder, simply drag and drop it into the DMGConverter interface.

The preferences are also extensive and allow you to customize the way you process each of the above actions. One extra handy feature is the possibility to encrypt any images that you create using DMGConverter with a password. The only downside of the DMGConverter is that you don't seem to be able to drag and drop individual files into it - you have to put everything in folders. In addition, it is a little bit more complex for people that are new to creating image files.

DMGConverter is nevertheless a powerful and comprehensive image creation tool that performs just about any disk image process you could want.




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